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Nor-Feed at the International Conference on Poultry Intestinal Health

At the beginning of the month, from the 30th of march to the 1st of April, our R&D Manager, Dr. Amine Benarbia, and our product engineer, Sekou Cissé, attended the international conference on poultry intestinal health in Cartagena, Colombia. This conference brings together many researchers from all around the word who come to present their… Read more »

Improving the use of pigments in poultry

Pigmentation Pigmentation has always been identified as being a quality indicator for chicken products worldwide. If we look at broilers, their yellow skin is traditionally associated to a free range and a corn feed diet. While in laying hens,the yellowness intensity of egg yolk is associated to its nutrients‘ richness. In modern farming, growth performances… Read more »

Natural Citrus Extracts to modulate the sows’ microbiota and enable a better weight gain of piglets

Modulating the sows’ microbiota       The citrus extracts of Nor-Spice AB contain many actives which have shown effects on the gut and intestinal microbiota. These compounds allow, on one side, to stimulate the growth of certain microorganisms that are beneficial to the microbiota, and on the other side to limit the development of pathogenic bacteria. For example, pectic oligosaccharides… Read more »

Nor-Feed inaugurates a new botanical factory in France

Nor-Feed’s new plant in Chemillé, Anjou region, the hub of aromatic and medicinal plants in France, will strengthen its position for supplying botanicals to domestic and international markets. The facility’s inauguration on September 7th – with the presence of more than 100 people from different countries – marks a new chapter in the Nor-Feed history…. Read more »

2021 Partners Meeting in Angers, France

From September 8th to September 10th we had the latest edition of our Partners Meeting in Angers, France. We had the chance To gather 60 partners from around the globe and Nor-Feed collaborators to exchange about botanicals and the best practices in the field for animal nutrition and health. Our partners also participated in the inauguration of… Read more »

Grape Polyphenols: An ally to fight heat stress

  Antioxidant diversification is essential to improve heat stress resilience and tackle the oxidative stress issue. In livestock, certain polyphenols from grape extracts allow to preserve a high level of performance and help combat the negative effects of heat stress. Looking at the metabolism of livestock animals, they all share a very similar antioxidant system,… Read more »

Optimizing livestock performance at hot peak seasons

Global warming has created a massive challenge for the livestock industry, especially in tropical and subtropical zones which contribute most to global livestock production. In farm animal husbandry, practices are intrinsically linked with animal health, production, and welfare. To deliver quality animal products and safe food efficiently, farmers must practice good animal husbandry and maintain… Read more »