Since 2003, Nor-Feed invents, manufactures and markets natural plant extracts for animal nutrition and health.

Nor-Feed is focused on a short product portfolio; our products are standardized, documented and efficient, with sustainable development principles.

Nor-Feed provides its clients with technical, marketing and regulatory support.


Animal welfare and natural feed additives

The feed additives developed by Nor-Feed represent natural and efficient alternatives to antibiotics used as growth promoters and, in general terms, to several synthetic solutions used in livestock (coccidiostats, for instance).

Our solutions aim to increase the feed efficiency and the products quality. This sustainable approach meet the demand of consumers who are increasingly calling for the quality and safety of the products they buy (less antibiotics in particular).

Nor-Feed and its sustainable projects

From field to feed, the development of our animal feed additives is part of a virtuous and sustainable logic that includes:

  • The valuation of agriculture and industrial coproducts
  • The reduction of the antibiotics use in livestock
  • The mitigation of the environmental impact of livestock (better feed efficiency that reduces the polluting emissions, such as methane and ammonia)

Innovation and networks

Nor-Feed is located in Angers Technopole, France, and belongs to the Vegepolys competence cluster, a unique combination of research institutes, universities and leading companies specialized in the botanical field, with nutrition, health, and environment applications, such as ITEIPMAI (Technical Institute of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants) or the SONAS (Natural Origin Substances and Structural Analogues, Angers University).

A responsible partner

Our quality system (based on 8 procedures) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) guarantee the respect of commercial and industrial good practices.

Nor-Feed is FAMIqs certified and thus meets the quality, traceability and regulations compliance.

US FDA Registration: 10759965924

Approval number: α FR49020001