The dry grape extract (Nor-Grape® 80) developed and commercialized by Nor-Feed becomes the 1st botanical sensory additive authorized for animal nutrition by the European Commission. Alexia Lepont, Quality Manager, gets into more details!

Nor-Mite is an efficient repellent to manage populations of red mites and flies. We know that hens droppings are the main vector of Nor-Mite repulsive compounds. But how about the odor of the animal itself?”

Publication: Effect of Melissa officinalis on the sound level in broiler farm.
A Publication Presented during the 2016 European Society of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition (ESVCN) Congress.

Animal welfare is an international issue with an important impact on zootechnical performances and more and more concerns from the consumers. The following study aimed at evaluating the calming effect of Melissa officinalis combined with magnesium salts (Durelax) by calculating the noise level inside the building.

Publication: Replacing the coccidiostats: defining natural and cost-effective surrogates

Presented at the 5th AFERP International Symposium (Angers, France, July 2017) and the 65th GA International Congress (Basel, Switzerland, September 2017).

Coccidiosis is the major threat for the poultry industry worldwide with an annual cost estimated at over 3 billion dollars. In the meantime, the poultry industry will soon face a drastic restriction on coccidiostats. Sustainable solutions, must be found before the regulations change. Saponins, naturally produced by some plants (Norponin XO), are capable of lysing coccidia.

Publication: Alternative methods to control intestinal disorders in swine

Presented during the 4th Annual Meeting for Responsible Use of Antibiotics (2016).

Fattening in pig livestock is a stressful period where antibiotics are used in order to control swine dysentery. This disorder, mainly due to Lawsonia intracellularis (LI) and Brachyspira hyodysenteriae (BH), leads to serious economic losses. In this trial, we studied the effect of feed supplementation with NSOAB9®, a complementary feed based on citrus and saponin-containing plants.

Nor-Grape 80: overcoming vitamin E limits

Vitamin E is a critical feed ingredient, because of its importance for the animal and because of its price volatility. Nor-Grape 80 is our dry grape extract standardized in polyphenols, anthocyanins & procyanidins. It is a powerful antioxidant that has a vitamin E optimization effect including the replacement of up to 50% of it!

Norponin XO2: the new breakthrough to reduce the coccidial risk

Norponin XO2 is formulated with rich saponin-plants. This video aims at clearing up some “clichés” commonly spread in the anticoccidial world.

Green Idea#15 – Nor-Spice AB in peripartum

At Nor-Feed, we believe that sows welfare is important for their productivity. Peripartum is a highly sensitive period for sows: The intestine activity decreases and may provoke complications, like constipation, that can affect the zootechnical parameters.

[PUBLICATION] Repellent Effect of Organic Volatile Compounds On Poultry Red Mites

Red mites have significant impacts on laying hens worldwide. The production losses are estimated to be around 130 million euros per year for the European egg industry, for example.
Some essential oils have repellent properties against arthropods.

[PUBLICATION] Effects of an encapsulated grape extract supplementation

The good health of calves depends, in part, on the quality of the colostrum ingested. Furthermore, there is a clear link between the antioxidant and the immune status of colostrum. In this trial, we studied the effect of a feed supplementation with an encapsulated grape extract [Nor-Grape By Pass®], rich in polyphenols, anthocyanins & procyanidins, on the antioxidant and immune status of bovine colostrum.

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