For several years now, the scientific community has referred to a new organ in humans and animals: the microbiota. This microbiota corresponds to all the microorganisms that are present in the digestive tract and especially the intestine. In both men and animals, it plays a key role in the digestion and immunity development, and thus in the development of individuals.

In animal production, ensuring a good feed digestibility is essential. A good functioning of the microbiota allows the animal to face the various stresses and intrusions (pathogenic bacteria, fungi, protozoa …). Scientific literature reveals that citrus fruits contain citroflavonoids and pecto-oligosaccharides which have an effect on the growth of the positive bacterial flora while controlling the undesirable flora. These effects have been demonstrated by Nor-Feed trials.

In parallel, studies carried out by Nor-Feed has demonstrated the action of certain saponin plants on the digestive tract fauna (other component of the microbiota) and the positive impact of citrus extracts on beneficial flora (Lactobacillus acidophilus).

This work led to the formulation of Citronin XO, combining citrus extracts and plants with selected saponins.