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A meta-analysis highlights Nor-Mite repellent effect in feed on flies in livestock farms

The flies issue in livestock

Angers, 4 September 2017: Nor-Mite® is a natural mineral feed that provides aromatic compounds formulated with cloves (Eugenia caryophyllus) and lemongrass (Cymbopogon nardus) extracts. Once integrated into feed, Nor-Mite repellent components are spread by the animal (via its droppings) and repel the arthropods from their source of food. A meta-analysis carried out in July 2017 highlights… Read more »

Nor-Spice AB ®, supporting sows during peripartum

Angers, 18 August 2017: A trial carried out in a French commercial farm highlights the role of supplementation through citrus extracts (Nor-Spice AB®): feed intake improvement, intestinal stimulation and piglets’ better weight gain before weaning (reflecting an increase of sows milk production).

Nor-Grape® 80 confirms its unique status in the European Union

The « grape seed extract » has been removed from Annex I of the EU Register of Feed Additives. As a result, the only competitive and sustainable grape extract is the Dry Grape Extract, whose file was submitted and defended by Nor-Feed and whose characteristics are those of the Nor-Grape 80!

Nor-Feed launches the 2017 edition of its Veterinary Award on the functional properties of plants in animal health

ANGERS, 1st March 2017: Nor-Feed, the French Company specialized in plant-based natural additives for animal nutrition, launches the 3d edition of its Veterinary Award. The Nor-Feed Award rewards a recent veterinarian thesis (or a thesis of veterinary interest) on the functional properties of plants or plant extracts and their application in animal health and/or animal… Read more »

Nor-Mite®, aromatic plant-based repellent to contribute to the control of red mite populations confirms its efficacy after ingestion by hens

Angers, 20 February 2017: Thanks to a new protocol, the Center for Functional and Evolutionary Ecology (CEFE) team, from the Paul-Valéry University in Montpellier, tested Nor-Mite® efficacy, an aromatic plant-based repellent in feed. This product, added in the hens feed, contributes to the control of red mites populations in livestock. Nor-Mite®, an aromatic plant-based repellent in… Read more »

Animal Nutrition: The dry grape extract developed by Nor-Feed becomes the first botanical additive authorized, in its category, within the European Union.

ANGERS, 13 February 2017: The dry grape extract (Nor-Grape® 80) developed and commercialized by Nor-Feed becomes the 1st botanical sensory additive authorized for animal nutrition by the European Commission.  Nor-Feed is thus recognized for its work on grape extract characterization and standardization, which started shortly after the company was established, back in 2003. The first… Read more »