Angers, France. Feb 24, 2021 – Nor-Feed and Natural Biologics announced a new partnership that aims to facilitate the warehousing, logistics and delivery of Nor-Feed products directly within the U.S. for their customers. This covers all products in the Nor-Feed portfolio.

Nor-Feed currently sells its products in more than 30 countries worldwide, including China, Brazil and the United States. “We have been selling our products in the US for the past four years with increasing success” said Gilles Le Thomas, senior business development manager of Nor-Feed. “Our clients will have the choice to either order in US dollars from an American warehouse or to continue to order directly from us in France”.

According to Dr. Charlie Elrod, president and CEO of Natural Biologics, “the Nor-Feed products fit very well with Natural Biologics’ core principles of delivering natural animal health innovations that improve both animal performance and producer profitability. With our expanding network of locations, we can provide better access and local service to customers of Nor-Feed across the country.”

The import and custom clearance procedures involved in the sourcing of the plant extracts from France had proved challenging for some US customers. This new logistic partnership will be a way to improve access to Nor-Feed’s products in the country, shortening delivering times.

As we searched for a U.S.-based company to support our business, Natural Biologics became the obvious choice, sharing many of the same philosophies,” mentions Olivier Clech, joint-CEO of Nor-Feed. “This partnership will offer the possibility for our current and future customers to access our products directly from the USA without the import procedures from Europe.

The Nor-Feed products that have already been introduced to the U.S. market include:

  • Nor-Grape®– The unique standardized dry grape extracts with highly documented antioxidant properties
  • Nor-Spice AB® – A 100% natural premix of additives based on citrus extracts and standardized in citroflavonoids and pectic oligosaccharides: the natural growth promoter
  • Norponin® XO – Delivering the benefits of saponins including performance, sustainability and contribution to the management of coccidial risk
  • Norponin Opti® – The yucca replacer: the highest quality at a better price
  • Durelax® – Animal-calming plant extract with highly visible effects

About Nor-Feed

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About Natural Biologics

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