Angers, 13 July 2017:

A trial carried out on broilers confirms the interest of Feed supplementation with Nor-Spice AB®, a natural premix additive based on citrus extract. The results of this trial show a better intestinal function, an important increase of the live weight and an impressive fall of the mortality rate.

The trial was conducted in Algeria (Institut Technique des Élevages).
400 broilers (Cobb 500) were divided in two groups.

  • The group 1 received a standard diet;
  • The group 2 received a standard diet + 250 ppm of Nor-Spice AB®.

Feed intake and live weight were recorded weekly and used to calculate the Feed Conversion Ratio.

Two aspects of intestine were also measured: the intestine length and the volume of the intestinal villi, at different segments: duodenum, jejunum and ileum.

Better zootechnical performances

Live weight is improved between the 21st and 49th day (slaughter):
2 780 g (control group) vs 3 090 (Nor-Spice AB group).









Feed Conversion Ratio is better amongst Nor-Spice AB feed-supplemented animals.










Mortality rate was reduced by 50% in the Nor-Spice AB group












An improved intestinal function

In this trial, the intestine size of the supplemented broilers increased throughout the trial, in particular at the level of the Jejunum. This result seems to reflect a better intestinal absorption, which could explain these zootechnical results.

Nor-Feed is continuing its work to further document the role of citrus extract in the intestinal microbiota function.




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