Angers, 4 September 2017: Nor-Mite® is a natural mineral feed that provides aromatic compounds formulated with cloves (Eugenia caryophyllus) and lemongrass (Cymbopogon nardus) extracts. Once integrated into feed, Nor-Mite repellent components are spread by the animal (via its droppings) and repel the arthropods from their source of food. A meta-analysis carried out in July 2017 highlights the efficacy of the product on flies.

The flies issue in farming

Flies (Musca domestica) represent an important cost in farming, because of its impact on the animals’ production and performances. They can transmit contagious diseases to both animals and humans.

Nor-Feed carried out a number of trials that confirm the interest of Nor-Mite to control the infestation of flies in pigs and poultry farms.

A meta-analysis carried out on trials made in France and Taiwan

Trials have been made in French and Taiwanese commercial farms:

Trial 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Nb. of animals 60 000
layer hens
35 000
layer hens
6 000
layer hens
6 800 broilers 100 pigs 77 sows 100 pigs
Duration 30 days 30 days 15 days 16 days 16 days 17 days 19 days
  • Nor-Mite® was used in feed at a 500 ppm inclusion rate.
  • Flies were counted thanks to adhesive traps (1 per 1 000 animals), with an attractive odor for flies, that were placed uniformly in the farms.
  • Flies were counted on the first (DO) and last day of the trial.


Successful results











The number of flies per trap has decreased significantly with the use of Nor-Mite. An analysis of the results confirms that a supplementation at 500 ppm reduced flies infestation by 53% on average (p = 0.002). 

Associated with good hygiene practices, Nor-Mite is an effective natural feed to contribute to the control of fly populations. In addition, it has no negative impact on food consumption or zootechnical performance.

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