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Feed additives for ruminants

The expanding global dairy production

Dairy production, which has been increasing steadily over the past 30 years, reaches 818 million tons in 2015. According to the OECD, the European Union ranks first among producers, followed by India (18%), the United States of America (12%), and China (5%). Cow’s milk dominates this production with 83% of the total.

This growth is explained by the numerical increase of the dairy herd, but also by the productivity improvement, permitted by a better genetic selection.

Ruminants: the performance in the ration

To ensure high performance, dairy ruminants with a high production potential require a high energy and protein density in their diet. Their health, more fragile then, requires an effective prevention strategy, including the use of bovine supplements. In a global context of reducing the use of antibiotics in livestock farming, plant active ingredients have legitimately their place in cattle feed additives.

The third most consumed meat in the world

After pork and poultry meat, beef is the third most consumed meat in the world: 68 million T per year, according to the FAO. This meat remains expensive due to the costs related to livestock management. However, demand and production are growing steadily in the developing economies. In 2017, the world bovine population reached nearly one and a half billion, 121.4 million in Europe and 19.2 in France. The main beef producers are the United States, followed by Brazil and Europe.

Bovines breeding specific issues

Aside from the cow common pathologies (mastitis, ketosis), breeders encounter very specific issues.

Feed efficiency is one the main challenges in bovine livestock: it reflects mainly in better performances, lower discharge in the atmosphere and a positive impact on the environment. Indeed, livestock, in particular cattle, is responsible for 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions according to the FAO.

Nor-Feed offers solutions, including feed additives for beef cattle and dairy cattle, which aim to improve the ruminants feed efficiency and other specific objectives:


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