Angers, 18 December 2018: The veterinarian Prize created by the French Company awarded Mr. Kamil Sierżant, PhD, Polish, and whose thesis deals with the polyphenols diet supplementation of broilers.

Mr. Sierżant’s thesis* pursued two objectives:

– study the effect on meat oxidative stability of two plant extracts with a high antioxidant potential (black currant and rosemary) in supplementation to broilers’ diet. The thesis also studied several zootechnical parameters.

– evaluate other types of polyphenols from rosemary, pine bark and olive leaf extracts as well as quercetin.

The main results indicate a better oxidative stability of broilers meat which diet was supplemented with black currant and rosemary. It is also noted a better digestibility of dry matters and nitrogen free extractives in chickens fed with a diet supplemented with black currant extract.

A clear tendency to reduce the number of CFU of bacteria, molds and yeasts in the ileum content of chickens supplemented with other tested polyphenolic additives has been also observed.

“French Paradox is not limited only to human being”, said Mr. Sierżant; “I believe in the use of plants-based alternatives, specifically in animal nutrition to limit or even stop the use of antibiotics”

The 5.000 € prize will be hand delivered to the winner by Pierre Chicoteau, DVM, Nor-Feed founder and CEO.

*Additives of natural polyphenolic extracts to the broiler chickens diet and their effect on oxidative stability of meat and selected production parameters, 2013, Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Poland.

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