Angers, October 2, 2017:

Norponin® XO2 is a natural association of saponin-containing plants. It is a premixture of additives that contributes to manage the coccidial risk in animal nutrition. A trial conducted in Peru pointed out that benefit, even in case of severe infestation or oral inoculation of living pathogenic coccidia.

Norponin® XO2, from Research to fields

The Norponin® product range is the result of scientific works started in 2008 within a Regional Research Project (« Saponins vs GES »), achieved through a CIFRE thesis conducted with the University of Angers (SONAS).

The creation of a bibliographic inventory of more than 2 000 plants described in the literature allowed us to select around 20 plants with a potential interest in animal nutrition and then to create the Norponin® Product Range that includes several products (both powder and liquid forms).

The products belonging to the Norponin® range contribute to reduce the ammonia emissions, to improve the diet palatability and, more specifically with Norponin® XO2, to coccidial risk management.

Norponin® XO2: a convincing trial in Peru

The trial was conducted on broilers during 42 days in a commercial farm. The animals were divided in 3 groups of 25 birds:

  1. Negative control: standard diet without coccidiostats
  2. Positive control: standard diet + coccidiostats
    • Days 1-22: clopidol 25%, at 500 g/Ton
    • Days 23-42 : salinomycin 12%, at 600 g/Ton
  3. Norponin® XO2 Group: Norponin XO2 at 250 g/Ton of feed, throughout the life cycle

On day 14, the birds were inoculated with living pathogenic coccidia.

Results are clearly positive in terms of feed conversion, lesion scores and reduction of Eimeria sp. in the feces:




The use of our product also allows to overcome the constraints on several coccidiostats (program rotations due to drug resistance, withdrawal requirements prior to slaughter, leaving vulnerable birds at the end of the cycle).

This work was the subject of a poster presented at the 5th International Symposium of the Francophone Association for Teaching and Research in Pharmacognosy (AFERP) in Angers, from 17 to 19 July 2017.
It has also been presented at the 65th International Congress and Annual Meeting of the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research (GA), held in Basel, Switzerland, from 3 to 4 September 2017

A permanent Research

The work on plant extract interactions with fauna and gut microbiota is one of Nor-Feed major development focus. The company has launched a program around cryptosporidiosis, supported by the French Public Investment Bank (BPI).

It aims at characterizing more precisely the specifications of some plants and at better understanding their mechanisms of action, in order to bring innovations on both the products and their instructions for use.


About Nor-Feed

Since 2003, Nor-Feed ( has invented, manufactured and marketed natural plant extracts for animal nutrition and health.

Nor-Feed focuses on a short product portfolio; our products are standardized, documented and efficient, with sustainable development principles.

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