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Natural feed additives for aquaculture

Aquaculture: a steadily growing sector

Aquaculture is the world fastest developing animal production worldwide. This growth is driven by the increasing demand for this nutritious protein and healthy fatty acid source. For some years now, aquaculture production exceeds that of fishing (FAO, 2018).

Major challenges faced by aquaculture development

This development goes with a series of challenges linked to environmental sustainability, animal welfare and the particular requirements of profitability.

Aquaculture has a direct impact on farms environment as fish and shrimp consume feeds and release ammonia and feces in the surrounding water. A better fish feed valorization is a major objective for this production. To address this issue Nor-Feed has developed efficient and 100% natural additives for aquaculture species. Products such as Norponin® Opti and Norponin® Aqua are designed to decrease the ammonia released by aquatic animal.

Animal welfare is an everyday concern for fish farmers as they know existing links between welfare and performance. It is also a growing concern for consumers and distributors. To help them improving animal welfare Nor-Feed offers a fish feed additive called Durelax®, made of Melissa officinalis extract and soluble magnesium, that demonstrated its ability to calm animals naturally.

Feed additives are vital for fish health

Disease are often identified by fish and shrimp farmers as the main threat to their activity. Pathogenic bacteria, viruses and parasites can cause huge losses causing slow growth, product downgrading or massive death. The use of antibiotic, vaccines and other chemical drugs to manage those pathogens is not always desirable nor possible. Aquaculture feed additives are useful tools to help aquatic animal face those pathogens. Nor-Feed range includes different products that can be used in this perspective:

  • Nor-Grape® 80 is a natural product standardized in specific polyphenols that compensates oxidative stress.
  • Norponin®XO is used to contribute to coccidial risk management in shrimp and fish farm.