Differences between Grape extract, Grape Pomace and Grape seed

Nicolas Tessier, Roser Palissé, Paul Engler, Susana Chamorro, Augustin Brenes

Boku, 2014

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Effet de la fermentation ruminale sur des composants d’un extrait de raisin


3R, 2014

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Régulateurs de flore

Assessment of dietary Standardised Citrus Extract supplementation on broiler chicken zootechnical performances and bacterial growth

Sekhou CISSE, Morgane GAUTRON, Assia BOUMEZRAG, Mohammed el Amine BENARBIA, David GUILLET

IPPE, 2021

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Standardized Natural Citrus Extract dietary supplementation recover zootechnical performances losses due to the reduction of protein and energy levels in broiler chicken’s feed

Sekhou CISSE, Mohammed el Amine BENARBIA, Hoa BUI, Mathilde BUFFIERE, David GUILLET

PSA, 2021

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Alternative methods to control intestinal disorders in swine industry: case study complementary feed based on citrus extract and saponin containing plants.

Mohammed el Amine BENARBIA (, Anouk-COTTIN-TILLON, Benoit THYS, Miss Liao, Ivan CHIU, Margaret CHING, Fabiola DAUBNER and Pierre CHICOTEAU

Boku, 2017 

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Reducing protein and energy rates in diet while maintaining broiler zootechnical performances: Case study of Nor-Spice AB® supplemented diet

Mohammed el Amine BENARBIA

Feed & Livestock, Janvier 2016

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Mode of action and effect of a natural citrus extract on growth performances in piglets

Alexia LEPONT, Alexandre BUDAN, Sébastien LE

Fulda, 2014

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Synergistic effects of citrus extract on the performance of young animals

Olivier CLECH, Alexia LEPONT, Sébastien LE

Boku, Avril 2014

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Saponins-citroflavonoids based solution reduced by 70% the growth of Histomonas meleagridis: an in vitro study

Mohammed el Amine Benarbia, Pierre Chicoteau

PSA, 2021

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Yuquina Cotyl differences to whole seed fenugreek seeds and improved feed intake

Tudual Tredan, Alexandre Budan, Fabiola Daubner and Roser Pallissé

Boku, 2014

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Effect of a dietary supplementation combining a probiotic and natural anticoccidial in broiler chickens

Redha Djezzar, Karima Benamirouche, Djamila Baaziz-Ammi, Ramdane Mohamed-Said and Djamel Guetarni

African Journal of Agricultural Research 9, no. 52 (2014): 3782-3788, Décembre 2014

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Répulsifs in feed

Plant extracts: a new tool for the poultry red mites issue

Agathe Labalette, Laura Vanden Avenne, Fabiola Daubner

12èmes Journées de la Recherche Avicole et Palmipèdes à Foie Gras, Avril 2017

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Response of the Poultry Red Mite Dermanyssus gallinae to changing VOCs emitted by its host Gallus gallus domesticus fed with additive repellents

Marine El Adouzi, Alfonsina Arriaga, Bruno Buatois, Benoit Lapeyre, Laurent Dormont, Olivier Bonato, Lise Roy

8th symposium of the European Association of Acariologists, Juillet 2016

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Autres publications

An accurate and cost-effective method for the quantification of total triterpenoid and steroidal saponins in raw plant materials

Maxime Le Bot, David Guilet

GA, 2021

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Analytical methods to formulate blend of rich-saponin plants for reducing ammonia emission in farms

Maxime Le Bot, Soprane Suor-Cherer, Mathilde Buffière, Mohammed el Amine Benarbia

EAAP, 2021

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Antibiotics trends in EU animal ag

Sélim El Amouri, Olivier Clech

Feedstuffs, Janvier 2015

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